High Dive Sound specifications

Check out the High Dives' sound and stage specifications.


Our basic philosophy at High Dive centers on the idea that we are a community. We thrive on our connection with bands, musicians, artists, writers, and fans to create a healthy environment where all types of art and music can be appreciated. We continually strive to support both local and national talent, and believe that any individual success equals the success of the community as a whole.

Above all we want quality, talented, professional bands performing at High Dive. Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Alt-Country, Pop-Rock, Electro-rock, live Hip-Hop, live Soul, live R&B, and Jam Rock are the types of music we typically showcase. We are open to showcasing and highlighting all genres of music, but cannot cater to every band.

Please also keep in mind that we need your band to bring in at least 15- 30 people to a weekday performance, and 60+ people on a weekend. If this is not possible, please wait and contact us when your draw has grown a bit. We are always open to working with up & coming talent, but want to make sure a performance with us is more than just a resume builder. There are many smaller venues in town where you can build your fan-base.

Tips to Getting a Show

It is not always necessary to mail us your press kit. If you feel it is necessary, please feel free, but email is our favorite way of communication. Please use the email us at the address below, and include as much information about your band as possible.

Who Do I Contact?

Email: booking@highdiveseattle.com
Kyle "KOZ" Kauzlarich – Talent Buyer


High Dive
C/O Talent Buyer
513 N. 36th St
Seattle,WA 98103

Load In and Start Times

Sunday - Thursday

Load in: 7PM
Start time: 8PM (unless otherwise posted)

Friday - Saturday

Load in: 7PM
Start time: 9:30PM (unless otherwise posted)

Promoting Your Show

For all shows booked at High Dive we ask for 6 printed posters (any emailed posters will be used in online campaigns only). Posters must be delivered to the High Dive no less than 2 weeks prior to show.

Online Calendars