In 15 years’ time, High Dive has proudly secured a unique role in a vibrant Seattle music scene.

With a layout that recalls legendary national showcase venues such as The Boom Boom Room in San Francisco and CBGB in New York, the venue is the perfect size to host national acts to multi night residencies while still having the freedom to take big chances on emerging acts we believe in that deserve their first Saturday night.

Located in the Seattle neighborhood of Fremont, aka, Center of The Universe, it is a side of the city with a unique spirit all its own. High Dive sits in the center of it all, nestled between Ballard and Queen Anne, just across the Fremont Bridge.

High Dive is sort of a distillation of all that is good, and maybe just weird, but has nonetheless passed before its doors. Take for instance the annual Fremont Solstice Fair and its parade of naked bicyclists. Or the oddity of a once fallen Lenin statue across the street with its hands always freshly dipped in protest with red paint. This neighborhood has always been a bastion of the improvisational essence of local icons like Jimi Hendrix, Quincy Jones, Kurt Cobain, Clinton Fearon, Michael Shrieve, Bernie Worrell, Tom Robbins, Bruce Lee… the list goes on and on…

Sometimes, when the wind picks up, locals claim that issues of the alternative weekly, The Rocket, a paper which chronicled Seattle’s rise as the brief center of the music universe, still blow through the street. It is a neighborhood haunted by music in the best way possible.

At the center of it all is Seattle’s stage: High Dive.